Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Spring is Springing! Favorite plants for fairy gardens!

Ahhhh ... Spring is underway and it is time to get outside!  After de-weeding my garden beds, I can't help but want to start planting!  Here are a few things that I am on the look out for to add to my fairy garden and other spaces! 

Thyme - There are several varieties of Thyme that are popular due to their nature to sprawl and spread, and with low growth and tiny leaves they are perfect for your fairy garden!  These include Elfin Thyme, Wooly Thyme, and other varieties of creeping Thyme.  Make sure to check the zones for your area and mix them into areas where the correct sun and water are given!

Creeping Phlox - With brilliant spring time colors creeping phlox will add some color and fun to your garden.  They like sun, but don't need rich soil.

Sedum and hens and chicks, stone crop - Pick some low growers as well as sedums that have more height.  However, be aware that some hens die off as chicks are produced, and also some are not hardy so check zones!  These are super easy to transplant and you may find yourself picking off chicks as well as replanting sedum that has spread!

Creeping Fig - this is a wonderful tight growing spreading vine, but note that it does die back in the winter, so not an evergreen variety!

I'll try to add some pictures to this post soon!

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