Friday, August 28, 2015

Kids Love Fairy Gardens! Make your own!

When I was a little girl, I spent a lot of time outside!  We were fortunate to live right behind a park that had baseball fields, and became expert baseball finders!  We also would sneak over to the concession stand during games to buy a treat ... even if no one in our house was playing in the baseball game!

During my trips through the woods I was fascinated by the trees, shady spots, little bits of moss, and all the tiny creatures that lived there.  My brother had endless aquariums, ok, some of them were just mason jars ... that housed the creatures we found for an overnight visit ... we were always encouraged to let them go the next day.

There was one dogwood tree in our yard that was my garden ... my brother had one too just a few yards away.  I would pick up little bits of bark, acorns, crooked twigs and sticks ... and created a little world there.  There were many adventures that happened in that little place with many imaginary folk that came to visit.

I would also collect little figurines ... my favorite was a little ceramic blue bird ... it was wee tiny, probably only 1/4 inch long and it usually perched on a tiny mirror that I am sure that I confiscated from my mother's makeup bag.

My garden wasn't fancy or expensive ... it was mostly made of natural materials that were found on our daily adventures outside.  There were a few made items, I am really not even sure where I got those, but most likely they were pieces from broken figurines that I found in thrift stores.  Building my fairy garden kept me busy for hours and hours ... and it certainly sparked my imagination more than my parents ever knew.

If your child loves these little spaces, encourage them to have a little space for their finds also!  You may also be interested in this little movie of a little girl that makes her own fairy garden!  (This is an affiliate link)

Children often don't need expensive pieces to make their own fairy garden, they just need a little space, a little encouragement, and time outside to explore!

Thursday, August 27, 2015

The Shop is Open!!

Yay!  The Pebble Pathway is officially opened!

I've got a lot of listing to do ... and you will want to hold off on purchasing until my next post (... grand opening sale, hint, hint), but it is open!!

I've started out by listing some fairy houses ... today I will start listing accessories ... particularly Halloween decorations for your fairy garden.

But, if you want to head over and give a heart to your favorite, well, you would make my day!!

Blue Fairy House with Green Leaves roof

Fairy House with Purple Flower Petal Roof

Stone Fairy House with Red Mushroom Roof

Tall Fairy House with Pink Petal Roof

Monday, August 24, 2015

Fairy Houses in the shop this week!!

I'm so so so excited to announce that the shop will be opening this week!!  I've got 5 fairy houses ready to list!  Plus lots of fairy garden accessories!

Here are some of the houses!  I'll be posting a message when the shop goes live, so you can sign up to receive email from the blog when that happens!  Or, you can email me if you would like to reserve one!  YAY!!  All of the fairy houses range from 3.5 inches to 5 inches tall and come with a battery operated light to attract lots of fairies to come live inside! 

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

The first of the fairy houses!

I've been happily embarking on my pebble pathway journey here!  The workshop is all a flutter with clay and tools and tiny adventures!

I'm hoping to open my etsy shop sometime next week, however trying to decide on the creations that I can part with is proving to be the most difficult part of this journey!!!

I've been working on a number of little fairy houses, this little stone one is one of the ones that is in progress at the moment.  I have leaves, and vines, and grass, and flowers to add to it ... so you will have to wait for another updated picture in the future! 

A tiny flower pot with pink flowers is also now happily living in the studio!  I collected lots of squiggly things from our woods and added them to the little flowers.  I was worried that they wouldn't survive the baking process, but they came through delightfully!

There will be more fairy houses in the coming weeks!  Along with some Halloween decorations for the fairy garden!

Monday, August 17, 2015

The journey begins ...

The journey along the pebble pathway began long ago ... it started in the crack of a dogwood tree ... there was a sparkle and a spark in the imagination of a little girl. 

Everyday has an adventure and I hope you will join me for a little walk along the pebble pathway.

Today we found a little brown frog.  We imagine that he lives in a tree or on a log.  He hopped and jumped around so fast.  He did finally stop to let us take a picture at last!  We hear him singing songs at night, but he is careful to be quiet when it gets light.  His song travels far and wide, and his coloring surely helps him to hide. He is brownish gray with tiny spots of black, and two stripes that run from his nose to his back.

The next little creature we would see ... is a little butterfly looking at me!  His eyes were wide and his tongue so long.  I thought I heard him singing a song!  He flittered and fluttered so fast you see!  He is called a skipper, and I think he stuck his tongue out at me!

I hope you will come back and visit with me, you never know what our next adventure might be!  It might not always include a rhyme, perhaps some clay will emerge next time.  The pebble pathway is long and far, perhaps as long as the distance to that twinkling star!  It might include pictures or clay, or even some inspiration for a rainy day!