Fairies that Need Homes!

 Below is a list of the current list of Fairies looking to be relocated! Pictures of homes are included if a fairy house has been constructed for that fairy.  You can find the Fairy Houses in my shop

Fairy Name:  Weylyn

Favorite Color:  Pink

Hobbies:  Weylyn is a star basketball playing fairy which is why she lives in a tall house!  She loves tooth fairy school and has been an expert tooth collector, unless she has a basketball game (sometimes she doesn't make it to collect the teeth

Fairy Name:  Mireya

Favorite Color:  Yellow

Hobbies:  Mireya loves the warmth of the sunshine and often visits all of the bees on flowers.  She speaks fluent bee and often helps with honey collection.  Her favorite season is spring!

Fairy Name:  Dinah
Favorite Color:  Pink

Hobbies:  Dinah loves to garden and is often collecting seeds to give to other fairies.  She is an expert tooth collector and helps new fairies learn expert tooth collecting techniques.


 Fairy Name:  Isla

Favorite Color:  Green

Hobbies:  Isla loves to swim!  She doesn't much care to race, but rather just likes to hang out with her fishy friends!  She would love to live in a house close to a lake or ocean, but would settle for a nice view of a fish tank if you have one! 

Fairy Name:  Violet

Favorite Color:  Purple

Hobbies:  Violet loves to dance in fields of flowers!  She has many bee friends, and even speaks fluent bee!  Her favorite snack is honey , but she may need help remembering to brush her teeth each night!  

Fairy Name:  Amelia

Favorite Color:  Purple

Hobbies:  Amelia loves to help plant flowers!  Particularly wild violets since purple is her favorite color.  She would love to live in a garden that has a pretty view and where she can ride butterflies in the afternoon.  

Fairy Name:  Quinn

Favorite Color:  Blue

Hobbies:  Quinn is a book loving fairy and loves when her adoptive families read stories at night!  She has been reading for 378 years and is happy that so many children have so many books!  Sometimes she forgets to collect teeth because she gets caught up reading stories!

Name:  Remi

Favorite Color:  Green

Hobbies:  Remi loves to be outside in the woods.  She is always looking for colorful things under leaves, in trees, and loves to collect wildflowers.  She can identify all of the birds by song and loves to ride on their backs. She is currently an apprentice tooth collector and may need assistance in collecting teeth properly!  

Fairy Name:  Aubrey

Favorite Color:  Pink

Hobbies:  Aubrey loves to play sports!  She loves to cheer on her teammates in fairy baseball and loves to run the bases.  She is an expert tooth collector and is currently writing a book to help other fairies in tooth collecting school. 

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