Adopted Fairies!

Yay!  I love finding new homes for fairies!  Below are some of the fairies that have been successfully relocated with the help of lovely people all over the world!

Fairy Name:  Brinley
Favorite Color:  Pink
Hobbies:  Brinley loves to dance, play in the moonlight, and collect acorns.  She has been collecting teeth for 420 years and has been awarded with Expert Tooth Collector 3 times!

Fairy Name:  Tinley

Favorite Color:  Blue

Hobbies:  Tinley loves to play soccer!  She recently won most valuable player in the fairy cup!  When she is not playing soccer she is studying to be a fairy engineer to help design a new wing of tooth fairy school. 

Fairy Name:  Liana

Favorite Color:  Purple

Hobbies:  Liana has spent the last 186 years counting and cataloging stars to help other fairies find their way around the world!  She is happiest being high in the sky and you may catch a glimpse of her if you are outside looking at the stars. 

Fairy Name:  Ember

Favorite Color:  Orange/Red

Hobbies:  Ember loves being outside and roasting marshmallows by the fire.  She has quite a sweet tooth and needs to be reminded to eat lots of fruits and veggies, and brush her teeth every day.  She is a new tooth collector and sometimes forgets to collect the teeth!

Fairy Name: Arabella

Favorite Color:  Purple

Hobbies:  Arabella loves to sing and dance!  She also loves to play with other fairy friends and often hosts tea parties after school.  She loves to read stories and would be happiest in a home with a little girl that would read her books.

Fairy Name:  Seraphina

Favorite Color:  Blue

Hobbies:  Seraphina loves to play sports!  She always shows up to practices on time, plays her hardest, and cheers on her fellow fairy teammates.  You may catch a glimpse of her playing with the fireflies in the spring time, or dancing among the stars at night!

Fairy Name:  Aria

Favorite Color:  Green

Hobbies:  Aria loves to be outside in the woods.  She is an expert at singing with the birds and collecting 4-leaf clovers.  She is currently an apprentice tooth collector and may need assistance in collecting teeth properly!

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