Friday, August 28, 2015

Kids Love Fairy Gardens! Make your own!

When I was a little girl, I spent a lot of time outside!  We were fortunate to live right behind a park that had baseball fields, and became expert baseball finders!  We also would sneak over to the concession stand during games to buy a treat ... even if no one in our house was playing in the baseball game!

During my trips through the woods I was fascinated by the trees, shady spots, little bits of moss, and all the tiny creatures that lived there.  My brother had endless aquariums, ok, some of them were just mason jars ... that housed the creatures we found for an overnight visit ... we were always encouraged to let them go the next day.

There was one dogwood tree in our yard that was my garden ... my brother had one too just a few yards away.  I would pick up little bits of bark, acorns, crooked twigs and sticks ... and created a little world there.  There were many adventures that happened in that little place with many imaginary folk that came to visit.

I would also collect little figurines ... my favorite was a little ceramic blue bird ... it was wee tiny, probably only 1/4 inch long and it usually perched on a tiny mirror that I am sure that I confiscated from my mother's makeup bag.

My garden wasn't fancy or expensive ... it was mostly made of natural materials that were found on our daily adventures outside.  There were a few made items, I am really not even sure where I got those, but most likely they were pieces from broken figurines that I found in thrift stores.  Building my fairy garden kept me busy for hours and hours ... and it certainly sparked my imagination more than my parents ever knew.

If your child loves these little spaces, encourage them to have a little space for their finds also!  You may also be interested in this little movie of a little girl that makes her own fairy garden!  (This is an affiliate link)

Children often don't need expensive pieces to make their own fairy garden, they just need a little space, a little encouragement, and time outside to explore!

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