Wednesday, August 19, 2015

The first of the fairy houses!

I've been happily embarking on my pebble pathway journey here!  The workshop is all a flutter with clay and tools and tiny adventures!

I'm hoping to open my etsy shop sometime next week, however trying to decide on the creations that I can part with is proving to be the most difficult part of this journey!!!

I've been working on a number of little fairy houses, this little stone one is one of the ones that is in progress at the moment.  I have leaves, and vines, and grass, and flowers to add to it ... so you will have to wait for another updated picture in the future! 

A tiny flower pot with pink flowers is also now happily living in the studio!  I collected lots of squiggly things from our woods and added them to the little flowers.  I was worried that they wouldn't survive the baking process, but they came through delightfully!

There will be more fairy houses in the coming weeks!  Along with some Halloween decorations for the fairy garden!

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