Monday, August 17, 2015

The journey begins ...

The journey along the pebble pathway began long ago ... it started in the crack of a dogwood tree ... there was a sparkle and a spark in the imagination of a little girl. 

Everyday has an adventure and I hope you will join me for a little walk along the pebble pathway.

Today we found a little brown frog.  We imagine that he lives in a tree or on a log.  He hopped and jumped around so fast.  He did finally stop to let us take a picture at last!  We hear him singing songs at night, but he is careful to be quiet when it gets light.  His song travels far and wide, and his coloring surely helps him to hide. He is brownish gray with tiny spots of black, and two stripes that run from his nose to his back.

The next little creature we would see ... is a little butterfly looking at me!  His eyes were wide and his tongue so long.  I thought I heard him singing a song!  He flittered and fluttered so fast you see!  He is called a skipper, and I think he stuck his tongue out at me!

I hope you will come back and visit with me, you never know what our next adventure might be!  It might not always include a rhyme, perhaps some clay will emerge next time.  The pebble pathway is long and far, perhaps as long as the distance to that twinkling star!  It might include pictures or clay, or even some inspiration for a rainy day!

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